Party Hearty or Party Smarty

This past weekend I went to a party.  I knew there would be food there.  I suspected the food would not fit my diet.  I grossly underestimated just how much food there would be!

Before the party I ate dinner at home, not wanting to risk arriving and finding nothing healthy on the menu.  I took one look at the vast buffet spread out on the dining room table and wished I did not have weight issues:(  In my years of yo-yo dieting, I almost always ate everything and anything when I was at a party.  For me it is all about the food.  Yum.  So I was torn… was I proud of myself for not partaking Saturday night… or was I mad at myself for having gained weight again this past year so that I need to be on a strict diet once more and shouldnt partake?  And I wondered what I would have done if I had already been at my goal weight – splurge?  Or not?  Is the few moments of blissful eating ever worth the guilt that comes later?  And the potential extra pounds that immediately show up on the scale?

Not only was there great food at this party, savory and sweet, hot and cold, entrees and dessert – but there were also some very yummy looking cocktails.  I am not a big drinker (see earlier post) but the chocolate syrup swirled around the insides of the martini glass was tempting to even this teetotaler.  I asked the host for a glass of water and he had to dig out a plain drinking glass and then just filled it from the tap.  Obviously I bored the bartender in him.

My party plan included going late and leaving early.  Which I did, with DH in tow.  I actually ate a little bit:  some shrimp and a few veggies with dip.  I wore a pair of jeans that would not have fit me three weeks ago.  They were a great reminder to keep my eye on the goal instead of the buffet table.  And I felt so much better about myself in smaller pants!

So I was a Party Smarty and didn’t party hearty.  This time.  Next up… a Superbowl get-together with a Mexican menu.  But the hostess is welcoming food so I’ll bring something South Beach friendly and sit far away from the chips.  And be glad that I don’t like the taste of beer:)



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9 responses to “Party Hearty or Party Smarty

  1. Debbie R.

    Party Smarty! I love that! I just think it’s not worth it anymore to eat things that aren’t on my “agenda”. It seems better for me not to even “taste” what I might be missing.

    Great job sticking to your plan!

  2. WaistingTime

    Thanks Debbie. I agree with you while I am sitting at my computer. The key is to agree with you when the food is in front of me, tempting in its caloric lure:)

  3. Sunny

    Celery or bell pepper slices with the nachos cheese dip or salsa. No more than 4 tablespoons of the cheese dip. Iced tea in a goblet. Bring your own if necessary. One or two Michelob Ultra Beers if you feel you must imbibe. Taco fixings without the tortillas. Bring some shrimp cocktail. Even if just for yourself. You can do this!!!! 😀

    P.S. there will always be parties and get togethers. Unless you are going to be a hermit, you have to learn to eat healthy at them, or give up the skinnier pants. 😉

  4. Good for you. And what Sunny said … there will always be parties with yummy food. So much better to learn how to deal with them than to use them as an excuse to overeat. One of the best ideas I heard was to never go to these things hungry and always make it about the people not the food.

    You did good. 🙂

  5. Diane Fit to the Finish

    I love party smarty!! I think it’s great that you planned ahead and were able to eat a bit without going overboard. It’s so important to learn how to handle these situations because they always come around!

  6. Good for you! I have a lot of trouble at parties… still trying to work on the party heart part. 😉

  7. laurajean64

    You certainly are a Party Smarty! Do you think anyone noticed that your eating habits have changed? Or were they busy noticing how much thinner you look? Great progress!

  8. waistingtime

    You gals are right – I can’t avoid parties just because I am afraid of the food.

    Laura – I have been such an on-and-off and yo-yo dieter that I have no idea what people think when they see me eat or if they notice my weight. I think I am way more conscious of it than anyone else. Hmm.

  9. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Smart thinking to eat beforehand. I’m sure that helped a lot!

    I usually scan the room and pick the healthy things first, and then a sampling here and there of the yummy stuff. I don’t drink, so I consider the table splurges a nice substitution. 🙂

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