Teenage Plight in a Middle-Aged Body

I have a huge, honking pimple on my chin.  Why, you may wonder, am I sharing this?  Could a pimple be blog-worthy?  Probably not.  But pimples lead to other thoughts and other thoughts lead me here.

I am 46 years old.  I feel like I more than paid my pimple dues a long time ago.  I mean, come on, zits should go hand-in-hand with teen angst and learning how to drive, not with stiff knees and teaching your child how to drive.  I had horribly bad acne during college and bear the scars today, both physical and emotional.

College was a tough four years for me.  Everyone waxes on that it will be the best years of your life.  Mine wasn’t.  And it was only made worst in my mind because I knew they were supposed to be my glory days.  What if that was as good as it ever got for me?  My acne was so bad in college that when I chose where to sit in horseshoe-shaped classrooms, I based my decision on which side of my face was most broken out that day.  And college was the first time in my life that I was officially overweight.  Fat and pimply are a horrible combination for anyone, but add in my shyness and low-self esteem and it was no wonder I didn’t achieve the illustrious heyday.

But my college years were not all bad.  I made some fabulous friends that are still in my life (albeit via the internet since they live hundreds of miles away).  I also surprisingly joined a sorority my sophomore year.  Of course I was not in the one with the skinny, well-dressed beauties, but the one that accepted women based on the person inside, not the packaging outside.  I found acceptance and friendship and a new confidence there, but hated the formals – I never had anyone to ask and resorted to guy friends and fix-ups.  Ironically, my being in a sorority led to the end of my severe acne.  (Long story… but suffice to say an off-hand comment led to a fabulous dermatologist.)  But it didn’t fix my weight problems.

Right after college I moved halfway across the country.  I had clear skin and a new outlook – I was starting fresh; no one knew me so I could leave my baggage behind.  Somehow the pounds gradually fell off.  I started grad school and there I found what I had missed in college – glory days:)  The overweight, pimple-faced me was a distant memory and I felt like a new, different, better person.  I liked myself.  I liked life.  I liked the cute guy I met in school (and later married).

So fast forward more than two decades, many pounds gained and lost, to a pimple on my face.  I don’t get them very often and when I do, it is nothing like when I was younger.  Today I have just the one, but it is a whopper.  It will eventually go away.  And maybe I won’t get another one for months.  Or tomorrow.  Much as I hate the blemish on my face, it doesn’t really matter to me.  While I am very aware of it being front and center, it no longer has the power to affect who I am.  I’m convinced your eyes would be drawn to it if we were face-to-face, but I know you won’t think any differently about me because I have a zit on my chin.  I know that a blemish on the outside doesn’t mean a blemish on the inside.  I hate my pimple – but I like my life:)



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11 responses to “Teenage Plight in a Middle-Aged Body

  1. A zit! How youthful! 🙂

    I often dip into my son’s Proactive goodies ~ they are right next to my anti-wrinkle cream assortment.

    Me thinks we still have some glory days left in us…

  2. Daphne

    I still get acne all the time too. I hate it, especially since I get it more often the more I exercise. Isn’t exercising supposed to be good for me and not cause me to get pimples? Sadly my mom was asking about what I used for acne when she was in her 60s, so I’m sure it isn’t going away anytime soon. Though like you it doesn’t change my life at all. Except for treating it, I mostly ignore it.

  3. Sunny

    FABULOUS post!!! 😀

  4. laurajean64

    I’ll get a zip from time to time – I think they’re still hormone related. Everything is hormone related at our age!

  5. Teena in Toronto

    In the grand scheme of things, a zit is just a small thing 🙂

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I feel your pain! Just wait ’til the chin hairs start. 🙂

  7. Diane Fit to the Finish

    How true – the outside isn’t a reflection at all of what’s on the inside. It’s definitely hormonal – the pimples are!

  8. waistingtime

    So sure enough, I saw my mom today and she commented on my zit. Gotta appreciate the honesty, I guess. I wasn’t fooling myself that no one would notice.

    Thanks for your comments, all. Going to slap on some pimple cream now:)

  9. Hot Mother

    So very, very true. There oughta be a law that precludes the existence of zits once we have gray hair. I mean, really – is middle age not bad enough already?? 🙂

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  11. ahahahaha, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put on my facebook status: “Aren’t I too OLD for acne???” I still suffer from it daily and the only way I’ve been able to keep it semi in check is to use the proactiv system daily. And still I have two honkin zits underneath my jaw. Hate. My mother also had the scarring kind of acne like you but she handled it with dry ice treatments. Can you imagine someone applying dry ice to your face? Pain! It made her skin die and fall off, like a chemical peel.

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