Snack Attack

Yesterday, for the first time in a while, I keep feeling the urge to snack.  So here I was instead, writing in my blog to keep myself from succumbing:)

I asked myself what was different yesterday?  My routine was the same as most days and my breakfast was full of protein, as per usual.  My first clue that my mind was too focused on food was at the grocery store, after my workout.  I got my son plain bagels and lamented the day when I would have picked up a blueberry one for myself to nosh on the way home.  (No bagels allowed on my current plan and rightly so… last time I ate one, I followed it with two more that same day.)

I filled my cart with healthy food including pecan-encrusted trout, asparagus and broccoli, then headed to the front to check out.  I found myself in the cookie/cracker aisle on the way to the register.  My eye was caught by the boxes.  I thought of Sunny’s daily Wheat Thins with longing.  (But again, I am not there yet.)  I saw a new 100-calorie pack snack.  Why was I even looking!?  I wasn’t really craving anything; maybe I was mourning the loss of crackers from my current life.  But in the past when I had been on South Beach I would have walked down that same aisle, picked things for my boys, and still had blinders on.

I came home and had tea and cheese to tide me over until my cauliflower/broccoli/cheese soup for lunch.  I was sated.  So why did I want something else to eat a short time later?  It wasn’t a craving, per say.  No urges for anything specific, not sweets or junk or breads.  It was more a desire to put something in my mouth.  Even something healthy.  I just plain wanted to eat.  But I wasn’t hungry.

So what was going on?  Could it be that the funk and stress of the past few days was still with me and simmering below the surface, calling out for me to put something in my mouth to quiet my emotions?  Was it hormonal?  Could it be a subconscious frustration in response to the scale not moving in days despite my clean eating.  Was I just orally fixating and needing to gnaw?  Heavy sigh.

So I chose to stay off the main floor of my house where all the food is.  I plugged away at the computer keyboard (in the basement) before dinner and in the evening I dragged DH shopping instead of sitting in front of the TV.  I thought about hopping on my elliptical for a while but was not motivated enough to exercise twice in one day.  But thanks to you I did NOT give in and eat more than I should.  Because, as I had hoped, I feel a whole new level of accountability now.  But I sure did drink an awful lot of tea and chew a lot of gum!

What do you do to stave off the snack attack demon?



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10 responses to “Snack Attack

  1. Jenn

    Great job fending off the snack attack monster! I have to do exactly what you do when I find the cravings to be tough: hop on the computer or leave the house entirely.

  2. waistingtime

    You know it’s funny that you compliment me… because at the time I wrote that post yesterday, I was feeling so weak and negative about it. But you make me view it in a positive light! While the whole day was a struggle and I felt bad about myself wanting to eat, I should look back and be glad I didn’t. I guess I have not gotten to my “glass half full” perspective yet. Thanks for making me take a second look!

  3. Debbie R.

    I do exactly what you did; get through it. I think early on our bodies are craving nutrition and that sometimes we can mistake that for simple craving the bad stuff. I find that as time goes on I don’t have those cravings like I used to, and that now if I’m wanting something it’s totally mental…if that makes sense.

    Sometimes I would go to bed early and my 1st though upon waking would be “I didn’t eat______!”

  4. Anonymous Fat Girl

    It’s tough when you get a snack attack like that. It sounds like you did a great job keeping busy.

    I try to drink water before every meal and that helps fill me up. If I get hungry I eat. But then again I eat 5-6 small meals a day so it’s not very often that I get a snack attack. It seems to help that I’m eating quite frequently.

  5. waistingtime

    Debbie – I think it WAS totally mental. That sounds funny:) And I have already experienced the “morning after” when I am glad I didn’t cheat. I would happily never experience that over-eating guilt again!

    AFG – Thanks:) I eat plenty often, but need to figure out the best snacks that will keep me satisfied the longest. Right now my afternoon peanuts are doing a pretty decent job.

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Good for you for fighting through the attack!

    I’m not following a specific eating plan, so I have a little leeway for snacking. I keep lots of fresh chopped veggies in the fridge to be used for those times when I can’t seem to divert my attention. 🙂

  7. Sunny

    Good job! The best part was you starting to go within yourself to root out the real hunger, rather than knee-jerk reacting, grabbing something, and shoving it down. Now THAT’S progress! Next time, try to go even further within, and realize analyze what’s going on mentally and emotionally; what’s really hungering in your heart and soul. Then, once you’ve identified it, listen to it, and try to feed it with candlelight, a good book, a funny movie, or 20-30 minutes of exercise if it’s raw stress. 🙂

    EXCELLENT WORK! That’s the New You! 😀

  8. She-Fit

    I have no idea why I get like that either! ! ! I find myself resisting when I drink tons of water or crystal light

  9. South Beach Steve

    I have struggled with this myself. Early on in my SBD adventures, I would eat lf, plain yogurt mixed with sf lemon jello powder. It worked wonders for me, but it isn’t going to satisfy the crunchy carb cravings. Another thing I often did was mix in some flax seed or even some Uncle Sam cereal with it to give it the crunch.

  10. Teena in Toronto

    When I snack, it’s on Orville’s Smart Pop popcorn.

    I keep junk out of the house or I’d eat it.


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