Yogini in the Making

I’m not the person I picture when I imagine someone who does yoga.  I have thought for a long time that it would be good for me – but I just couldn’t see myself doing it.  I tried.  Over the past several years, I have taken a handful of beginner classes in different venues with different instructors.  And I quit every time.  I really, really didn’t like it:  it was too slow, too boring, required too much flexibility that I didn’t have, and my mind was always on the other things, like my grocery list.  Maybe yoga would be good for me – but I wasn’t good at yoga:(

But always in the back of my mind I thought I should try it again.

Enter the new and improving Me.  Along with my new-found dedication to a healthy eating lifestyle, is a commitment to taking my workouts to the next level.  Could that level include yoga?  Dare I try again?  Yes!

I have now gone five times in the past three weeks.  Five times without quitting!  A new record.  And even more surprising – I really like it.  Really, really like it.  I keep asking myself what is different this time; I don’t know the answer.  But I know it has something to do with me and not the venue or the instructor.  Something was just right this time and the planets aligned and here I am – a yogini.

I will admit to you that I am not good at yoga.  It’s hard!  I am very inflexible (which is the biggest reason why I kept thinking I should do it).  And some of the poses take so much muscle control and strength that I start shaking.  Possibly most surprising of all to me is that during those last minutes of class when the room is dark and we lie on our mats listening to the calm words of our instructor, I am so relaxed that I can barely stay awake.  No to-do lists running through my head.  (I am not known for my relaxing personality – another reason to practice yoga.)  And when class is over, I feel great – physically and emotionally.

And extra bonus:  DH is coming to class too:)

My new affection for yoga is unexpected and inexplicable to me.  I don’t think I’ll ever envision myself as my stereotypical image of a woman who practices (earthy and sleek, contorting her body in gravity-defying ways, wearing a body-skimming cami top over low-cut wide-waist form-fitting pants with no visible panty line), but I can clearly picture me doing this for a long time to come.  Now I just need to get the lingo down.  Namaste.



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13 responses to “Yogini in the Making

  1. Daphne

    You would probably get more out of yoga than someone like me. Stilling the mind is easy for me, but hard for you. My daughter was the same way. She felt that yoga was really quite hard, but it helped her mentally. Maybe it can teach you to let go of some things – at least a little. If I let go of anymore, I’d have nothing left. ;>

  2. Sunny

    Very awesome! I love it when someone finds something, especially something healthy…that suddenly just clicks for them. What a break through!

    Have a great weekend! 😀

  3. Hi Karen!

    I used to smirk at yoga. “*Snort!* How can YOGA possibly be an EXERCISE??!”

    Well, years later, I’m a believer. I am very unbendy and uncoordinated and always try to come to class early so I can be in the back row. When we do shoulder stands, my gut threatens to roll down over my face and suffocate me. My feet bottoms are a disgrace: calloused and ugly. But still I go and am always glad (at the end of the class) that I did.

    Namaste back attcha!

  4. laurajean64

    There’s DH right there with you again – he must be a treasure. Having his support must make a world of difference for you. Enjoy the yoga – remember to breathe!

  5. Jenera

    I have done yoga off and on. I feel the benefits when doing it but I have issues with the mental part and I can’t sit still long enough to complete it. I’m slowing trying to work it back in and use it to its full potential.

  6. waistingtime

    I sooo love the backrow! We haven’t done shoulder stands yet. But my first day I immediately noticed my feet and thought about the callouses and toe nails!

    It is fun to find something new. And fun to find something DH and I can enjoy together. He was surprised, too, at how hard it is.

  7. Fun! I keep wanting to incorporate yoga somehow in my exercise routine, but I haven’t gotten around to taking one of the classes yet.

  8. Diane Fit to the Finish

    Great job! I love that you didn’t give up on it, but rather kept trying until it was the right time for you. I’ve never done yoga before but may at some point!

  9. Teena in Toronto

    I’ve tried to do yoga but I don’t dig it. I like doing cardio instead.

    Gord does yoga every week, though. He fences so likes the stretch it gives him.


  10. waistingtime

    I have always been the same, Teena – much preferring cardio. It fit my personality better.

    But now that I know it took me years and several attempts to figure out I could like something I thought I hated… I encourage all of you who are just thinking about it to give it a try sometime. Who knows what zen lies within us!

  11. www.findingmywaste.com

    I have been wanting to try a yoga class for years but never had the guts to go after a few disastrous attempts at the downward dog in my living room. The mental benefits intrigue me, so perhaps I should dust off those old tapes and try again. Thanks for the motivation!

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