My Fridge Runneth Over

Yikes!  Eating healthy and planning meals is making it a constant jigsaw puzzle to fit everything in the refrigerator.  I guess I never realized how empty it used to be… but that makes sense because all my favorite junk food resided elsewhere.

Now keep in mind that I do share the fridge with two teen boys and a DH who has some interesting food items of his own and likes to buy in Costco sizes.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Leftovers from the past two dinners, which will be eaten for the next two lunches
  • ingredients for the next two night’s meals including the protein and veggies
  • oranges newly arrived from Florida, apples, and kiwis (which DH eats with the skin on)
  • cheese, cheese, and more cheese… shredded, round, slices, sticks, spreadable, full-fat and low-fat
  • turkey pepperoni and the regular kind
  • drinks for us all (including two pitchers of my Crystal Lite, gatorade, both skim and soy milk, orange juice, and beer)
  • flax meal and wheat germ
  • lf ricotta cheese, lf sour cream, lf yogurt
  • banana pudding and sf chocolate pudding
  • eggs and egg substitute
  • turkey sausage and bacon
  • leftover refried beans (for breakfast)
  • spinach, peppers, green onions, carrot, salad in a bag
  • carbs for the guys including pizza crusts, tortillas, and Pillsbury breads/rolls
  • and a plethora of condiments including one huge bottle of minced garlic, two kinds of salsa, three flavors of mustard, and four different barbecue sauces.

Maybe you can guess which foods are “mine” and which belong to the men in my life.

I do love being able to open the door, reach in, and pull out healthy leftovers to quickly heat for lunch.  And I feel good about having the ingredients on hand for a low-carb dinner plan.  But it sure can be hard to find what we want!  And making space to marinate meat or fish or chicken (which we’ve been doing a lot lately) is a particular challenge.

And the changes don’t end on the inside of the refrigerator:  the door now boasts a sticky note listing the dinner plan for the next several nights.  Now that I have meals planned out in advance and since I have been trying new recipes, my older son asked to know what is coming.  I admit that I get a little thrill seeing those healthy, tasty menus in print.  (I have historically not been either a good meal planner or a good cook – this is quite a departure.)

Your turn.  Open your fridge door and take a peak inside.  Let us know what healthy things are waiting … or, if you want, confess to those items that should be tossed!



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14 responses to “My Fridge Runneth Over

  1. Debbie R.

    I’m a fan of a totally functional kitchen. My dream would be a side by side walk in cooler and freezer. I guess those would be lottery dreams!

    My house in Alaska was so small the only thing that would fit was a mini fridge (4 ft tall) but we had a full freezer outside.

    My little spot here came with a doublewide KitchenAid(black)with water and icemaker. We contemplated a move last fall and the only hold back was the fridge. Just yesterday, I mused that I was perfectly happy in this house because of my fridge….bigger than ever, but full of healthy food…just like yours, only I keep the fruit on the counter…and I don’t have to make room for the teens. I’ll confess, I’m not a tosser..I find a way to use or freeze. Stuff is just too expensive…

  2. waistingtime

    Oh – now you have me dreaming:) I would love one of the newer styles with the double fridge doors on top that open so wide you could fit in a huge platter. Expensive:( But really, I’m with you, side by side walk-ins. And how about a huge walk-in pantry to go with it!

    P.S. My appliances are all ugly white. Stainless is also on my lottery wish list.

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I’m dreaming of black appliances, but I can keep on dreaming. 🙂

    Like you, my fridge has lots of cheese. I also have turkey pepperoni, sliced turkey, turkey bacon–hmmm, notice a trend here? I have carrots, celery, sliced cucumber, eggs, Smart Balance butter spread, and some yogurt.

    Definitely different contents than a few years ago. 🙂

  4. Sunny

    Good girl! Mine is very similar to yours, but heavy on the salad types of produce. I love me a “everything but the kitchen sink” type of garden salad. 🙂

  5. It’s mostly leftovers and veggies, low carb tortillas, cheese, eggs and milk. Yep, we’re simple people! 😉

  6. Jenera

    My fridge is a bit bare at the moment. But we have quite a bit of cheese, carrots, salad, and some homemade low fat ranch dressing. Oh and Crystal Light.

  7. waistingtime

    Our fridges are all so healthy:)

  8. Anonymous Fat Girl

    It really helps having the menus planned out when you have a family, doesn’t it? 🙂

    My fridge is pretty healthy. We have a few things in there that I don’t eat but not much. My favorite thing right now is greek yogurt. I like mixing the plain kind with a spoonful of chocolate protein powder. Tastes like chocolate mousse! Yum!

  9. Jenn

    *snicker* My fridge looks horrid. Sweet tea, provolone cheese, dip, processed sandwich meats, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and Dr Pepper for my dH. Barley tea, about 2 inches of a gallon of 2% milk, 2% string cheese snacks, Crystal Lite, Diet Sprite, sugar free chocolate pudding, and some peaches and oranges for me. Think it would be mean to make my dH get his own fridge? =P

  10. waistingtime

    Chocolate mousse – yum! I need to try that.

    My DH has resorted to hiding some food because I get mad when he brings it in the house!

  11. “Kiwis with skin on” ~~ Bleechk! ~~

    I too have one of those frig’s. My little containers of assorted stuff like refried beans, saurkraut, ricotta cheese…

  12. waistingtime

    He swears they taste good! And says they are easier to eat. The teens and I just smile:)

  13. Hot Mother

    Oh, boy. I’ll be posting about this later or tomorrow, but I *just* got back from the grocery store (it’s supposed to snow tonight).

    These days, our fridge is perpetually full, to the dismay of Hubby.

    If I open it right now, I’ll see: 1% milk, part-skim ricotta, fat-free feta, various low-fat cheeses, carrots, celery, broccoli, green leaf and iceberg lettuce, cabbage, some leftover hummus, yogurt, sugar-free pudding, eggs, chicken breasts, edamame, smart option spread… and don’t even get me started on what’s in the freezer. 😀

  14. Great post! My problem is I stuff mine full of healthy stuff and then it gets lost in the back and goes bad! Ugh! Now that I have mine all cleaned out, I am now trying not to stuff so much in there. I admire you for being able to keep a healthy organized refrigerator! I need to try posting my dinner plans on the fridge! Maybe it will help me…Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    .-= Darlene´s last blog ..My Refrigerator Makeover! =-.

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