It’s All about the Dress

I love seeing what the actresses wear to award shows.  Who looked great?  Who, despite all her money and a professional stylist, wore a dress that just made me wonder, “What was she thinking?”  Which dress could I (almost) see myself wearing … if I could ever have an imagination that great!

Not only would I never have anyplace to wear a gown, but I would never have the body to carry it off.  I am not being immodest here, and this is not purely a weight issue.  It’s about having curves in all the right places and none in the wrong places.  And having a great body image.  Even at my goal weight, my body is just not shaped to carry off a strapless or low-cut or skin-tight or high-slit gown.  But I enjoy contemplating them, regardless.

At the Golden Globes Sunday night, there were too many well-gowned women to name, but I do want to pay homage to Sophia Loren and Helen Mirren.  They have aged so gracefully and both looked so beautiful in sexy yet age-appropriate dresses.  I can only aspire to look half as wonderful when I am that age.  (Contrast them to Cher who looked like she did 20 years ago – both her dress and her face.  What’s with that?)  And Monique, a zaftig woman by most standards, looked fabulous in a flattering draped, strapless gown.

As for myself, I have only gotten really dressed up on a handful of occasions, and usually was not comfortable doing so.  Reflecting back I realize that I was thin each time; I would avoid fancy social events at my heavier weights.  My very favorite fancy dress made me feel beautiful.  I wore it (over 22 years ago) to a party celebrating my marriage; I was skinny and in love:)  The dress had long sleeves and a high neckline but a totally bare back with a rhinestone clip holding it together at my nape.  And ruffles at the hips and below.  Horizontal ruffles – could you imagine!  And I still felt fabulous in the dress.  No bra  with the exposed back, but my diminutive breasts stood perky and proud back then.  I only wore that dress once but kept it for a very long time.  I finally gave it away a few years ago, during a skinny phase, when I regretfully conceded that my body shape had changed for good and I was never going to fit in it again.  But I am smiling just thinking about it:)



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5 responses to “It’s All about the Dress

  1. Anonymous Fat Girl

    When you’re in love, everything is rosy 🙂 Nothing like being in love…. ahhhh

    But yea I know what you mean. It seems like a lot of the dresses you see on the award shows are satin. I can never imagine being able to pull off satin. Think of how it clings to every inch!

    I do like seeing what the stars are wearing though!

  2. Sunny

    We agree on how the women looked at the Golden Globes. I care more about the clothes than I do the awards. LOL

  3. laurajean64

    Sandra Bullock’s dress was awesome! Dressing up makes me feel like a princess. We should all do it regularly and stay at home for dinner.

  4. karen@fitnessjourney

    I’ve had my share of bad dresses that I thought looked fabulous at the time. Pictures don’t lie. I’m sure when some of the celebs see photos later they want to crawl in a hole.

    Wanted to let you know that I plan to e-mail you today regarding your request for feedback about your blog.

  5. waistingtime

    And then there is the fact that many of those dresses are free for the celebs!

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