Of Menus and Measurements

Last night I went out to eat for the first time since my three weeks back on South Beach.  As part of my plan to stay on program, I told myself I would blog today about what I ate… because I was pretty sure I would not want to publicly admit to cheating:)  I went to dinner having already chosen what I’d order off the menu and stuck to it!   (If interested, you can read more about my pre-planning in a previous post.)

My dinner companions had fancy martinis, a shared appetizer, rolls, and dessert… none of which I partook.  I simply had soup for my meal:  Lamb Chili with chickpeas, lentils, and black-eyed peas.  (I had a piece of cheese before we left home so my hunger wouldn’t overcome my willpower.)  It was a little awkward for me to so obviously be moderating my meal, but I felt good about myself the whole time, much better than I would have felt with an overfull belly and sugar high.

Before dinner I stood in my closet and thought about what to wear.  It was going to be a jeans kind of evening – but which jeans would fit?  I have them in a huge range of sizes.  I was torn between wanting to be comfortable and wanting to have a tight waist to remind me not to eat anything that might cause it to expand!  I broke down and did something I had not intended to do for another week – I measured myself.  Just my midsection.  But I was curious to see if I had lost any inches yet and hoped that if I had it would be one more piece for my motivational armor at dinner.  Could I really have lost almost two inches from my waist already!?  What a gratifying surprise.  And indeed very motivating:)

So now I am back to eating my low-carb meals at home with no restaurant outings in site.  Next big test… book club next week.



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6 responses to “Of Menus and Measurements

  1. South Beach Steve

    Good work on the eating out. It is so hard to do that sometimes.

  2. Sunny

    Good job!!! And congrats on the 2 inch loss off the waist! Your heart thanks you! 😀

  3. I’m eating out on Tuesday for the first time since I got back on track. I have no idea what I’ll have. Usually I’d have wine, bread and something yummy but not healthy. But not this time. I’ll be making better choices.

    Teena 🙂

  4. Debbie R.

    I’m learning not to feel embarrassed when I order differently than others when eating out. I believe eating out is a treat for me, too. Making a choice that keeps me healthy is my treat.

  5. waistingtime

    Thanks for the comments all:) Doing it once means I can do it again… not that I plan to anytime soon…

    Teena – I’ll watch your blog to see what you eat:)

  6. Sounds great to me 🙂 You did wonderful!

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