All My Eggs in One Basket

Once upon a time I liked eating eggs.  Then I went on my first low-carb diet.

Eggs are such an easy and quick breakfast for low-carb eaters.  And there are countless ways to fix them.  I made scrambled and hard-boiled and omelets and “egg muffins” and sunny-side up over Canadian bacon.  I added veggies or cheese or ham or turkey sausage.  But then one day I looked at the eggs on my plate and just couldn’t take another bite.  Egg burnout had hit me hard.

Fast forward a few yo-yo-ing years later…  I have become more creative on my third (and last) South Beach diet.  I still resort to eggs maybe once a week, my new tolerance level, but most days I find a protein-rich alternative.  My go-to meal before hard cardio workouts has become fat-free refried beans with cheese melted on top (pretty tasty despite reminding me of canned dog food).  Some days I eat leftovers from dinner the night before.  One particularly cold morning I defrosted homemade soup which really hit the spot.  I even have some egg-containing recipes that are a step up from the real thing and almost make me forget that eggs are in there, like ricotta cakes (a little egg substitute with ricotta, vanilla, Splenda and cinnamon).

During past stints with SB, the first food I added back on Phase 2 was always steel cut oats.  Hooray – cereal for breakfast again; I could start my day happy.  And I could easily eat steel cut oats day after day, week after week.  No burnout here:)

But now I have a dilemma.  I have decided not to add steel cut oats, as in the past, hoping to do things differently this time to reduce my chances of backsliding.  And breakfast is my hardest diet meal of the day.  I don’t always have leftovers and I am growing bored with refried beans.  Help!  I ‘d love your suggestions for healthy, non-grain, high protein breakfasts, especially quick and easy to prepare.  (P.S.  I don’t like yogurt much more than eggs.)

Humpty Dumpty fell out of my refrigerator and I’m sweeping him into the trashcan!



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9 responses to “All My Eggs in One Basket

  1. Diane Fit to the Finish

    I love refried beans and eggs! I am such a loser when it comes to breakfast so my fall back is whole wheat toast and peanut butter. I’m zero help to you in this area.

    Have you looked at South Beach Steve’s blog? I think it’s He’s pretty creative with his foods so maybe he’s got an idea that would help?

  2. Sunny

    meh, breakfast is my one splurge meal; I allow myself 1/2 a bagel (cheese or sesame) and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter-Lite on top, and my 18 whole almonds most mornings. Alternative to that is 16 Low Fat Wheat thins with Laughing Cow French Onion lite wedges (2) with the almonds. One of the weekend days is 1 egg over medium, 2-3 strips of Hormel bacon, and 1/2 cup of hashed browns. I have all day to work it off, and do. 🙂

  3. waistingtime

    Breakfast is my hardest meal to find foods, but the time of day when I have the most willpower. I love toast and PB and bagels… so will be avoiding those for a while until I know I am well in control:(

  4. I have found for myself that I can’t have any carbs but vegetables for breakfast. If I have PB & toast or eggs and toast, I’m as hungry as if I hadn’t eaten at all. Instead I have protein and vegetables … usually coleslaw (with little to no dressing) and whatever left over meat we have. I also have tuna with cucumbers or celery. Nuts are my fall-back if nothing else is available.

  5. laurajean64

    I’ve been doing cottage cheese and blueberries for breakfast, otherwise it’s eggs 🙂

  6. Anonymous Fat Girl

    I get sick of eggs too! Especially after my major stint of low carbing. I just can’t stomach them like I used to be able too.

    Lately I have been hooked on taco salads (minus the chips of course). And refried beans. I can totally relate why you like those. Yum!!!

  7. waistingtime

    I think I may have to get some cottage cheese too; I forgot about that. I’ve never tried it with blueberries; I usually put cinnamon and Splenda on top. Just one more thing that my husband thinks is strange about me:)

    Seems that the key is to think way outside the breakfast box.

  8. South Beach Steve

    I go through spells where I love eggs, then spells where I don’t want them. My steadfast breakfast is an apple with natural PB. I do the PB to slow the digestion, which works well for me. I know how crazy this sounds, but have you thought about black-bean brownies for breakfast?

  9. waistingtime

    Having relapsed so many times, I am trying to avoid things that I may like TOO much. I love,love,love, apples with peanut butter. So I am going to wait awhile before eating that again:( I may check out the black-bean brownies though. I haven’t tried them but I did used to make white bean pumpkin muffins. I forgot all about those! Thanks for the ideas Steve.

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