Skinny Cows and Other Landmines

I can’t eat one cookie.  Or piece of candy.  Or slice of bread.  Some people swear by the dieting philosophy “everything in moderation.”  But 100-calorie packs aren’t only 100 calories when I eat three in one sitting!  And Skinny Cows can make me feel like a fat cow when I eat the whole pack in one day:(

All my years of yo-yo dieting have taught me things about myself; now I need to apply what I have learned.  I know that I have very little willpower and self-control as relates to food.  I do better with a black and white approach – no gray areas – like the one serving of pasta that supposedly won’t kill me.  It may not kill me but it can easily lead to a month-long binge.  I am most successful when I cut out all refined sweets and “bad” carbs – no moderation.

Last year when I was consistently eating low-carb, I didn’t even miss the other stuff.  I could buy my boys pizza and treats and serve warm bread with meals and not feel the slightest craving or sense of loss.  I could walk through the grocery store and not hear Milanos calling.  I could keep my hand out of the chip bag.  I felt great – physically and emotionally.

So I decided I could handle moderation.  And I did, for a time.  The rare treat was always followed by a quick return to the program.  But then came a long weekend away with family and my sister-in-law’s zucchini bread and brownies.  And when Monday rolled around I didn’t get right back on plan.  At first it was just one little pound.  Then two.  Then before I knew it I no longer fit into my skinny pants and my days were filled with thoughts of food.

I’m torn when I envision my future – the future of a fit and trim healthy eater.  Will staying there mean a lifetime without another piece of fudge or toasted bagel?  Maybe I need to adopt the paradigm that, much like an alcoholic should never take another sip, I should never eat another “bad” carb.  Maybe I will eventually forget the taste of chocolate and not miss it.  I know that the old clique is true – nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.  And I have learned that I can’t eat just one.  One becomes two, two becomes three, three becomes an avalanche.

But on the other hand, I think that at some point I should surely be able to have enough daily control over my eating that I can indulge in a rare treat.  Doesn’t that seem like a more balanced and realistic lifestyle?  But can I do it?

I know that I will need to be very, very careful.  I have learned from my painful mistakes and from the great wisdom of others who have gone before me.  I will eventually come up with a livable, lifelong plan that I can and will stick to.  Maybe I need to come up with a new definition of moderation for myself.  Or maybe I need to throw the idea of moderation out with my fat pants.  But for sure I will not buy any more 100-calorie packs of anything!



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5 responses to “Skinny Cows and Other Landmines

  1. laurajean64

    I’m coming to terms with the same realization – I cannot continue to eat bad carbs if I want to maintain weight loss. It’s permanent. Ouch.

  2. Sunny

    First of all, the 100 calorie packs have artificial sweetners in them. They trick your body into thinking it’s getting sugar, and wanting more. Plus, the CHEMICALS.

    That said, any time you have sugar or fake sugar, it will take your body 3-4 days of NOT eating it, to lose the cravings. So, you have to learn and accept if you have sugar, there will be some time you have to pay for it. If you can live through the 3-4 days of cravings, and keep away from it, you’ll get back to that nirvana area where you don’t crave it. (sounds like you are addicted to carbs, too. Takes one to know one. 🙂 )

    I have 2 good, old posts on these topics, that might help?

    good luck! I’m wid cha! 😀

  3. 299lbs

    I hear ya! They make these 100 calorie stuff just to fool and trick fat people, I’m sure of it! And how foolish are we to fall for it, instead of indulging in something real mother earth made for us. Can you eat fruit and berries? Mmmm, fruitsalad! Now that’s something to dive into head and mouth first 😀

  4. Hauling Uphill

    Yes! Skinny cows and the supermarket hell!

    Just think of who you want to be and reflect that in what you put in the supermarket trolley- lean this, lean that…blah blah blah. if you want it, go for it I say.

    I just posted on the topic of the “skinny cow”- be interested to know what you think of the topic!

  5. waistingtime

    Laura – We’ll figure this out together!

    Sunny – I will check those out; I always find great wisdom and inspiration in your blog.

    299 – I am slowwwly trying berries this week. And you are right – “real” food is so much better for us:)

    Hauling – I am heading over there now. I have read your blog and love the humor that comes out in your writing!

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