Two Pees in a Pod

Last night the dance began again, as it does most nights.  I got up to pee, quietly, maneuvering through the dark so as not to disturb my sleeping husband.  But sure enough, as I crept back to bed I saw him looming past me in the dark, on his own journey to the potty.  Some nights it is him that goes first, and me that wakes and follows.  Whichever, we seem destined to repeat this nocturnal routine, often more than once a night.

For me, this nightly trip to the bathroom began many years ago after giving birth.  Typical for women.  And, as many of you know from experience, I pee more at night (and during the day) when I am eating healthy.  (As a matter of fact, about the only time I sleep though without peeing is when I eat horribly – the strange advantage of an unhealthy diet.)  But over the years I have perfected my routine so that I can usually manage to fall back to sleep pretty easily.  (This includes a heated tile bathroom floor, so as not to shock me with cold, and bringing night lights when I travel, so as to best navigate a strange room without having to turn a light on.)

I am not a sound sleeper.  So imagine my dismay when after years of only disturbing me with occasional snoring, talking in his sleep, and the rare flailing arm, my husband began to get up at night to use the john.  Sometimes I don’t wake up until I hear the toilet flushing or feel the bed sink when he climbs back in.  But more times than not, once he goes, I go.

This past summer my husband was out-of-town one night.  I made my typical nightly bathroom foray, still with the lights off despite being alone.  Unfortunately I heard a noise on my way back to bed and after investigating (what turned out to be my 19-year old dancing around his bedroom at 2:00 am) didn’t pay attention to my altered route back, stubbing my toe on furniture on the way.  And breaking it.  Thus proving the theory that nocturnal bathroom wanderings can be dangerous.  (Have you ever sat down in the dark only to fall in because the seat had been left up?)

I usually don’t talk during our nighttime urination dance, but last night, unaware that I had woken my husband, I just had to comment when I saw him get up after me – “We are quite a pair, aren’t we.”  And we are, nocturnal peeing and all.



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6 responses to “Two Pees in a Pod

  1. Ruthxxx

    Lovely post and it has me chuckling. I really enjoy reading your blog when I get the time. You write extremely well.

  2. waistingtime

    Thanks Ruth:) And I hope you read this so that I can tell you how much I have appreciated your wisdom and support on 3FC. If only I could PM:(

  3. laurajean64

    I am not married, but I must navigate the nocturnal pee routine with one cat at my feet and another behind my back. Once I sit up, my feet always land on the dog, making her jump because I have stepped on her tail more than once.
    Still love reading your blog too – I’m telling ya, you should write a book!

  4. lol- well at least you make light of a frustrating situation…

  5. Daphne

    Joel and I do that too. Usually it is me getting up first, but sometimes he surprises me and wakes me up instead.

  6. My dog is a notorious flop down rug. She’s evil waiting in the dark like that. I swear one day she may kill me. I found it humorous that your hubby gets up like you. My entire family follows me to the pot. So frustrating! I think I’m alone. Taking my sweet time. Step out to go back to bed and there’s a line. There’s seven of us. So take a number… hee, hee. Weird!? Like you I go several times a night if I’m eating well. But if I eat cr*p I sleep all night long. There should be a law against this. 🙂

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