Third Time's the Charm

The past two weeks have exceeded my expectations.  I completed Phase I of the South Beach Diet for the third time, and didn’t cheat even once.  Yes, I lost weight, but more than that, I feel amazing.  In control, optimistic, strong, capable of really changing my eating habits for good.

What is/was different this time ?  I think I can clearly attribute it to two things:  blogs and 3fatchicks.  Between the two, I have found a sense of community and support that keeps me motivated.  And I am putting myself out there… committing everyday in front of others.  I had no idea how much power I’d derive from that.

When I started this blog two weeks ago, I hoped for an outlet for my thoughts and feelings and a distraction from eating.  It brought me welcome support from readers and the reminder that I am not alone in my journey.  It led me to the blogs and stories of others who share my experiences.  It gave me something to look forward to each day that wasn’t food.

And I spent a lot of time during the past two weeks with the amazing women on 3FC.  I had visited that site many times in the past during may other dieting attempts.  But this was the first time that I joined and started participating.  The women there have welcomed me with open arms, shared their wisdom and encouragement, and infused me with strength and willpower.  I visit them often and feel like I have become part of a true sisterhood.  Thank you Chicks.

Most of the time while dieting I am consumed with thoughts of food.  In the past that has been thoughts of hunger and deprivation, even when I wasn’t hungry!  But this time those thoughts were focused on what I would say, more than on what I would or wouldn’t eat.  And on what experiences I would share in my blog and on 3FC.

I would not want to imply that I didn’t have diet challenges and struggles these past two weeks.  But my reaction to them was different than it might have been in the past.  I felt stronger and more capable of getting past the moment.  And when I felt weak I thought of my new internet compatriots.  And when I needed to, I reached out to them instead of reaching for food.

The only thing worse than personal failure is public failure!  Thanks to my online commitment that this diet will be my last and forever diet, I can’t imagine backsliding as I have in the past.  I have a new sense of accountability and a new sense of determination.  This time the willpower that was formerly missing seems to be infused with strength from the women on the web.  Thank you all:)

Today I see my future and my future looks skinny!



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6 responses to “Third Time's the Charm

  1. cindyk32

    Very inspiring – you go girl!

  2. I agree- without the support here I bet I’d be 300 lbs by now! And miserable 😦

    Honestly I’d been blogging at 3fc for about a year and just got tired of not being able to control my layout for my blog. And I’d find all these cute wordpress themes and not be able to use them and that was FRUSTRATING. I finally decided to just make my own after a few others I started reading had made their own. I probably would have stayed at 3fc if we were allowed to customize our blogs.

  3. laurajean64

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. I also have found the support needed to stick to it right here at 3FC. And the weight is coming off!!

  4. Jenn

    “Today I see my future and my future looks skinny!” I love this! Great job!

  5. 299lbs

    Amazing attitude! Together we are strong! 😀

  6. waistingtime

    Thanks all:)

    299 – Last couple of times I tried leaving comments on your blog I got error messages.

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