For My Dear Husband

My DH, who has patiently listened to me go on and on about this blog, walked in the door yesterday saying he had a topic idea for me.  So this is for him:)

DH’s Concept of Exercising without Actually Exercising.

Example 1 – Shoveling. We have had more snow in the last couple of weeks than we usually get in the whole season.  My wonderful husband has tirelessly shoveled again and again.  He shoveled out his mother, who lives 45 minutes away, twice already.  He shoveled for vacationing neighbors more than once.  He just finished shoveling for the neighbor on our other side, knowing her husband is out of town.  He shoveled our deck so he could grill my diet-friendly dinner outside last night.  And he has shoveled our driveway time and time again.  Heavy snow, drifting snow, ice-packed snow.

I looked at an online calculator and discovered that, at his weight, he is burning over 600 calories per hour!  And from his muscle soreness, he knows he is getting a good workout!  Added bonus, he tells me, is that while he is shoveling he isn’t snacking.  He learned that concept from me:)

Example 2 – Selective Restroom Usage. There has obviously been a lot of talk in my house about weight loss lately.  And peeing.  Putting those two together in a way I had not imagined, my husband described to me his latest exercise revelation.  Go to the bathroom furthest away and burn a few calories on the journey.  It works best when he is in the basement and climbs up two flights to the master bath.  But even one flight in either direction is more than just taking 10 steps to the nearest toilet.  I was impressed by this idea.  Especially since I am one who, if I am on the middle floor and know I need to visit both the top and bottom floors, will always go up first so the double flights in the middle are on the way down!  Why is it that despite daily workouts I am still tired from one short flight of stairs?

Lest you think my husband is normally a lazy man – let me share that he usually works out everyday.  Longer and harder than I do.  This summer he and I would ride bikes together for over two hours at a stretch, then he would come home and lift weights while I sat, worn out, with my feet up.  Cardio and strength on the same day?  Not me.

What can we all take away from my husband’s wisdom?  Look for ways to burn extra calories in your daily life.  Do as experts say and take the stairs, not the escalator.  Park further from the store.  Put away the TV remote.  Pace while you are talking on the phone.  Fidget.  All are proven to burn calories.

Gotta run.  Time to follow his example and hike my way to the furthest potty:)  He has already headed out to shovel yet again.



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10 responses to “For My Dear Husband

  1. Debbie R.

    I’m a big advocate for finding ways to burn extra calories-one of my favorites being grabbing a shopping cart in the parking lot and pushing it in-even if I don’t need one….but your DH coming up with the bathroom activity really cracked me up! It’s really great that he’s onboard with you.
    Here’s an article I like on the subject; The concept is called “NEAT”, Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.
    I like your blog!

  2. skinnyk10

    That was a funny post. I had to re-read “shoveling out his mother” a few times before it made sense – I thought he was throwing his mom out of the house! lol.

    Keep moving and thanks for the chuckle.

  3. waistingtime

    Thanks Debbie and Skinny. My husband is now reading along and I think this may pressure him to keep up his bathroom hikes:)

  4. laurajean64

    Hubby sounds like a sweetie – shovels for the neighbors too? I like his idea of burning calories with normal activities. Does he have any cubical exercise suggestions?

  5. waistingtime

    Laura – he is:) I asked him for a suggestion, laughingly because he hasn’t worked in a cubical in years – but he immediately had an idea.

    Sit on an exercise ball! He does it all the time at home. And my mom has one too, with a base so it doesn’t roll around. You get a core workout while you work:)

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    LOL He’s onto something on both counts. When I worked, I started a stair-climbing challenge. We worked on the 6th floor, and people were hiking to the 10th floor at least twice a day to use their bathrooms.

    For cubical or office exercise, stand up while on the phone. It adds up!

  7. Ruthxxx

    Good stuff, WaistingTime. Your guy sounds really smart and supportive. Definitely a keeper!
    Today I will find my exercise ball and start using it at the computer.
    You must tell the story of you and your mother exercising together here in your blog and let the Beachers know it’s her.

  8. waistingtime

    Thanks Ruth. And I will – the story is already forming in my head. So many directions it could take. Such a long line of ideas to get behind.

    I will be interested to see who uses and likes the ball idea. I can’t do it because I am too short and my ball doesn’t get me up high enough for the keyboard! DH is over 6′ and has a huge ball:)

  9. “DH is over 6′ and has a huge ball:)”

    Just one?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    I love the way you write. You’re really talented! Keep it up…

  10. waistingtime

    Kaw – LOL! I actually thought about that when I typed my comment but figured surely no one else’s mind would go there! Thanks for the chuckle to start my day.

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