Of Cankles and Saddlebags

While we were dating, my husband, apropos of nothing, told me that I had fat ankles.  Can you believe that I married him anyways?  Sadly, however, he was not wrong; no ankle bracelets for me.  Years later I heard the term cankle for the first time, and it occurred to me that society might be more concerned with my ankles than I was.  Of all the body parts to worry about, this doesn’t make the top of my list (except when I put on crop pants).

Like most women, I have many body parts that I would gladly change if I could.  My husband has been instructed that if I ever break my nose and am unconscious, he should have it reset smaller.  And I am holding out hope that, like my mom, my breasts will grow after menopause.  We won’t talk about my middle-age-spreading waist, but suffice to say it made it into my blog’s name.  But I am realistic and know that, sans surgery, there are many things I just cannot change about my body no matter how much I exercise or diet.

Some parts provoke a love/hate relationship.  Like my butt.  Even at my thinnest, my derriere is round and bigger than average.  It sticks out behind me like a little bustle.  It makes it challenging to buy pants.  For years I wished it was smaller.  But at some point I realized that I actually like having some roundness; my friend is flat back there and hates it.  And my husband has sung my butt’s praises for years.  He also appreciates that I actually have an (almost) hourglass figure, another thing I have mixed feelings about (and that is usually undetectable under my typically shapeless clothes).  I like that I curve in and out – I just wish there was a lot more curving out on top, and more curving in at the middle, and, of course, a bit less bottom althogether.  Barbie I am not.

But (no pun intended), today I actually want to focus on the positive.  We all have something we like – it might be something we wouldn’t normally focus on.  For example, I have great naturally shaped eyebrows.  You can’t see them unless I add color since they are pretty fair, but that also means you can’t see the few strays hanging out below.  And I have strong fingernails.  And, as my mother-in-law says, “neat” feet.  The fronts of my thighs are nice and firm (and we won’t focus on the other angles).  And, always lipstickless, I think I have nicely shaped lips.  And I have broad, but not too broad, shoulders.  I know those don’t sound like much, but I think it’s progress just to recognize that I don’t dislike everything about my body.

I invite you to join me in a celebration of the body parts that we DO like.  Everybody has something.  Think about it.  Applaud it.  And if you want to, share it here.



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7 responses to “Of Cankles and Saddlebags

  1. Sunny

    I USED to have the most thick, gorgeous auburn hair! It’s still Auburn (thank you, Loreal!), but the thickness? Where the heck did it go in the past year or so? 😦

    My feet are gorgeous. I could be a foot model.

    I have plenty of boobs. I send you some, if I could. LOL

  2. waistingtime

    Sunny you crack me up! And that friend who you remind me of, also has offered to share her generous bounty. I call her my Bosom Buddy. Ah, if only life was that simple.

    BTW – I am auburn (assisted) too. And thinning:( I actually have a whole hair blog planned, as crazy as that sounds, with a title already chosen.

    Have a great day. You certainly added a lift to mine.

  3. laurajean64

    Thanks for prompting us to see something we like about our bodies. I know I don’t do that enough.
    So…I like my green eye color, and I have good skin for an Irish girl.

  4. waistingtime

    Somehow I got the skin you avoided, Laura. Fair and freckled.

  5. dietbuddydaily

    I’m pretty happy with my overall shape. It’s the fat layer that surrounds it that I don’t like. When I get rid of that (My YOU CAN DO IT ATTITUDE TALKIN’), I’m good!!! Love the post!

  6. Teena in Toronto

    Excellent perspective!

    That was sort of the focus of this article I read today … I posted it on my blog today. You should check it out.


  7. waistingtime

    Thanks gals:)

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