The Siren’s Call

Some people would say you need to replace an old habit with a new habit, one addiction with another.  Last week I ate mindlessly; this week I have become addicted to blogging.

I have spent hours thinking of topics and titles, hours writing and editing, hours surfing as I find new “blog friends.”  Ideas for posts come to me at random times but often when I am exercising.  I have gotten off the elliptical more than once this week to jot a note and came up with 5 future topics during one group exercise class.  I have added a memo to my phone so I can make notes when they come to me.  Some nights I lie in bed, struck with creative inspiration that I quickly jot down on my light-up pad so I don’t forget it come morning.  I even shut a page-turning thriller after only one chapter because my fingers were aching for the computer keyboard.  Mostly the words and thoughts come fast and furious and I type away; but occasionally I struggle with how to express myself, struggle to choose the right words and to find the right tone, struggle to edit the overly long content, struggle with wondering what you will think of me, struggle with the thought of clicking the publish button.

I didn’t expect this – this joie de vivre.  I’m not even sure why I love it so much.  Part of it is the creative process, unexpected because I usually find writing a chore.  Part of it is the amazing women who have commented on my posts.  Part of it may be the novelty, something new and engaging to fill what had become a boring and routine life.  Part of it is that like Calgon, in the old ads – it takes me away.   And part may be that blogging makes dieting more bearable and sometimes makes me forget about it entirely.

I don’t know how long I will continue to hear the siren’s call of my blog – “come write,” “come read,” “come connect”.  I worry that if I post everyday I will eventually run out of interesting things to write about (even though I have a page-long list of ideas already).  I wonder how my posts will change when I reach my goal weight.  I wonder if someday I will want to add more customization, design, and function to my site.  I wonder about blog etiquette, things like if I should reply to every comment.  I wonder how I already got a spam comment.  I wonder how I could possible be having so much fun doing something that never before made any sense to me.

When I started I was writing for myself, and while that is still true, I have discovered that it is so much more satisfying if you know someone is listening.  I don’t know who or how many, but I am so glad to have you out there.  And for those of you who have graced me with comments – thank you – it means more than words can adequately express.  And that is really saying something coming from this newly prolific blogger:)

Happy one-week blogiversary to me!



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6 responses to “The Siren’s Call

  1. 299lbs

    Good for you! And congrats on blogging for a week! 😀

    It’s surprisingly fun, isn’t it 😀

  2. Sunny

    Ohhhh, before long you’ll be leaving this sytem for something better/more creative. I suggest sooner rather than later, so you won’t leave too much of yourself behind here. Been there, done that.

    Don’t worry about what we think about you; we already love you! If we didn’t, we’d just keep on moving and not reply to your posts. You are doing great, and welcome to the Club! 😀

  3. thinnerbyjuly2010

    It is fun! Happy blogging!

  4. laurajean64

    I hope you continue to write daily because I love reading what you write. Maybe you could write a book about dieting – or blogging! Your page is bookmarked on home and work computers, because like you, I have found a new addiction.

  5. waistingtime

    Thanks all. And I enjoy seeing you in my google reader too:)

    And Sunny – I’m going to email you some questions.

  6. Teena in Toronto

    It is addictive, isn’t it? I sometimes do stuff just so I can blog about it. Ha!

    I got back on track today and did great! Yay me!


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