Imagine if…

What if you could eat anything you wanted, never exercise, and still be thin and healthy?

Just picture it – a lifetime of putting anything you want into your mouth with no negative consequences.  A moment on the lips is no longer an eternity on the hips.  Calories are nonexistent.  All carbs are created equal.  Know what I think?  I probably wouldn’t crave junk food so badly if I could have it all the time.  Maybe I would have no food issues because maybe my issues stem from a negative body image and the feeling that I need to deprive myself.  I’d be thin and undeprived; would I be happy?

Would I exercise if I didn’t need to?  Or do I really get some magical invisible endorphins that would keep me working out?  Would I miss the camaraderie at the gym?  Or the feeling of satisfaction after I actually worked up a sweat?  Or the pleasure of being outside doing something on a beautiful day?  I don’t ever think about myself as being in particularly good shape, but under the saddlebags there are actually some pretty decent quadriceps.  Would I be comfortable just being thin but not being fit?  Could I give up the dream of a 4-pack (having long ago realized a 6-pack was never in my future)?  Would I feel constant guilt at the thought that I should be exercising even though my weight doesn’t demand it?

I just don’t know.  But I do know that I will never find out; I have a better chance of winning Powerball!  My best honest guess is that I could happily live my life being thin while eating whatever I wanted (and it wouldn’t be vegetables).  But, (and I will always have a big butt,) I would probably still get my body moving.  (Which is really saying something since I was that girl chosen last in gym class – but more on that another day.)

What would you do?



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5 responses to “Imagine if…

  1. Sunny

    I know now I have to dance. If I don’t dance, I feel guilty. I don’t sleep as well. I don’t have as much stamina; physical or emotional. Dancing is my way to exercise and it’s now vital.

    Food? nah, I’d eat junk if junk wasn’t junk and loaded crap. But it IS junk and loaded crap, and it makes me feel like crap, physically and mentally, so I’ve accepted that 99 per cent of the time it simply isn’t worth it.

    Happy new year and continued good luck on your journey!

  2. I can’t PM you yet so I had to come here to tell you I love your new avatar. 😀

  3. waistingtime

    Sunny – You remind me a lot of a good friend who used to be my workout buddy when she lived nearby. She also loves to dance (but will do it in class and at the gym) and while she doesn’t share you name, she shares your sunny disposition:)

  4. waistingtime

    Heidi – Thank you! And please explain the PM thing because I got one and had no idea they even existed. Or how to reply. And can I do it? BTW – the message was coincidentally also about my avatar. Glad people like it because I really thought twice about putting it up there.

  5. Heidi58

    Hmmm, I wonder how the person was able to send you a PM already – maybe it was from a mod?

    Anyway, you’ll be able to send and receive private messages once you’ve been on 3fc for 20 days and have made 20 posts. Once you’ve got the option, it’s quite easy, pretty much like email.

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