One down; a lifetime to go

The morning after… how many times have I woken up, feeling fat and disgusted with myself for everything I ate the day before.  Sometimes I grabbed the roll around my belly, wishing it could magically, instantly be gone.  Maybe the numbers on the scale would affect my mood for the whole day, often leading to more eating – that viscous cycle.

But not today:)  Yesterday I ate healthy; today I feel positive and optimistic.

By nature, I am not usually an optimist.  I am really more of a “glass half empty” gal.  I have wanted to change, but it really seems to be part of who I am – ingrained in my personality.  (And doesn’t that sound pessimistic.)  However, I am approaching my latest diet with the mindset of an optimist.  It is my last diet, not because I will regain weight as I have in the past and finally accept life at an unacceptable weight… but because I know that the time has come to make this a permanent part of how I live each day.  I think I failed before because I saw a diet as something that came to an end when I reached my goal weight.  Not this time.  (See how positive I can be when I consciously put my mind to it?)

So I ask you to bear with me if my writing sometimes seems a bit, hmm, upbeat…  expectant… confident… optimistic.  I know that this time I need to have the preconception of success.  If I write it – it will happen.



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2 responses to “One down; a lifetime to go

  1. dimples8

    “I grabbed the roll around my belly, wishing it could magically, instantly be gone…”

    you and me both! LOL. but i know one day it will be gone. i think i am going to enjoy watching it fade a slow, certain death! lol

    best of success to you!


  2. Weightlessly

    Oh, waking up in the morning and NOT having that bloated, overate-the-day-before feeling is grand, you’re right! I had Chinese last night and even made an effort to eat the healthier options, and it still had a major impact on how I felt this morning!

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